Joseph Corsmeier represents attorneys in all matters concerning the Florida Bar and/or the Florida Board of Bar Examiners. He has numerous years of experience representing lawyers and applicants alike and will strive to help you understand the process to contribute a more effective strategy. Mr. Corsmeier is an expert in his field and will remain steadfast in representation.

Whether it is your first application to the Florida Bar or are defending a reprimand or worse, Mr. Corsmeier offers representation for every phase of the process. His expertise also includes office management and law firm ethics, in which he will create a custom plan designed specifically to minimize or reduce further risks to you, your license, or your firm.

If you have not yet submitted an application for admission due to a concern about previous criminal charges, plagiarism, or other matter, Mr. Corsmeier will assist in helping you properly report such matters on your application, reducing their impact.

Mr. Corsmeier served as a Florida Bar prosecutor for nearly a decade and has been defending Bar grievance cases throughout the entirety of Florida for over 15 years. Any allegation or disciplinary action in response to a violation of the Rules Regulating The Florida Bar will need skilled representation.

Bar disciplinary matters will affect the lawyer’s reputation and ability to earn a living, defending disciplinary matters are of the utmost importance. Mr. Corsmeier is available and experienced to defend clients in every phase of the disciplinary process and can be contacted before a problem arises for firm management to avoid any potential Florida Bar violations.

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