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Joseph Corsmeier is a former State Criminal Prosecutor who has handled dozens of serious felonies as well as innumerable misdemeanors. As lead trial attorney for several years, Mr. Corsmeier is more than familiar with the entire legal defense process.

Whether you are faced with a criminal charge or an Administrative Complaint, the situation can create a tense and frightening experience; one that should not be taken lightly. Any allegation against you or your license is an allegation against your reputation and you need a representative who will take an aggressive stance defending you and your livelihood.

In most circumstances, if you have received an “Election of Rights” or other notification of an action against you, you only have 20 days from the date you received the notice to decide how to proceed and elect your rights. If you have any questions about any possible violation, do not delay in contacting the Law Office of Joseph A. Corsmeier.

With a common goal of defending your reputation and your ability to earn a living, Joseph Corsmeier will treat your case as his own; offering support, information, and advice along the way. Mr. Corsmeier has state-wide experience minimizing the impacts such a violation can have and eliminating or reducing your vulnerability to any future violations.

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