There was good cause for both parties to be upset about the reviews posted online for the whole world to see and the “Respondent’s” did the right thing at this point and that was to ask (“Rinehart”) the poster to remove it but (“Rinehart”) was upset also and wanted to inflict as much damage to “Respondent’s” reputation as possible, maybe both poster knew the damage that could be done by reviews posted online.
I was just in a conversation with a person that had a very negative review posted online as the first thing a person would see when someone checked his reputation for the last 5 years. He was still in business but we both knew that over the years some potential customers who read the reviews posted online decided not to buy his product and that was hurting his business.

Attorneys are in a position that they are looking for clients that need their skills but if people don’t trust you it’s going to be a long hard uphill road to travel.

The problem the “Respondent’s” faces is that moving her practice to “Chicago” is not going to help when someone has a bad reputation, it’s the persona of who you are and the internet has made it possible for anyone to find out about your reputation where ever you go, reviews can be incredibly good for you if they are good or dreadfully bad if they are bad.