Given your recitation of the facts, and while I know that in almost thirty years of Family Court litigation, I have made mistakes, I agree w Justice Larbarga. Signing another lawyer’s name to a pleading and defrauding the court w a direct misrepresentation, Belies a narcissistic and possibly sociopathic view of the court and the legal system. Attempting to convert an unearned retainer and failing to provide the client w an accounting for 20 months is inexcusable AND being non responsive to the client or new counsel suggest a delusional approach to solving his own problems. Why should he be allowed to charge others for attempting to help them with theirs? That’s the real message from this embarrassing state of affairs.

The fact that he brought the appeal which resulted in a 6 fold increase in his suspension is like an Ironic “O’Henry ” twist. I am concerned that after three years and (I guess) taking the Bar (and hopefully an ethics exam), he will be beset upon Lay fold and the Bar again.