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Pennsylvania lawyer receives 2 year stayed suspension for neglecting cases and paying sanctions with firm funds without telling firm or client

Hello everyone and welcome to this Ethics Alert which will discuss the recent Pennsylvania Supreme Court opinion which imposed an agreed 2 year stayed suspension with probation for a lawyer who neglected client cases over two years, had monetary sanctions imposed on him and paid the sanctions out of firm operating funds without telling his partner or the client, and deceiving client by claiming that his billings were for legal services and not sanctions. The disciplinary opinion is Office of Disciplinary Counsel v. Christopher Roulhac Booth, Jr., No. 106 DB 2013 (Pa. SC 11/13/14) and the opinion and disciplinary board report are online here:

According to the opinion and consent agreement, the lawyer neglected cases for over 2 years, had $65,000.00 in monetary sanctions imposed on him and paid the sanctions out of firm accounts without telling his partner or the client. The lawyer had concealed his conduct from his partner and the client, Wachovia Bank. After Wachovia learned of the defaults and sanctions they terminated the firm and hired other counsel.

The lawyer also took additional funds from the law firm’s operating account. According to the consent agreement “(d)uring his tenure with (the law firm), Respondent dispersed, or caused to be dispersed, monies from the firm’s operating account in an amount in excess of $117,000, which disbursements he concealed from the firm and which were in excess of the fees and profits of the partnership to which he would have been entitled under the partnership agreement. Respondent has repaid the firm the amount of $40,000 and has arranged for the repayment of the remainder of the funds by relinquishing fees that were due to Respondent.”

The consent agreement states: “the instant matter does not involve the misappropriation of client funds; rather it involves the ‘misdirection’ of operating funds and subsequent misrepresentation to Respondent’s partner of the true purpose of the use of the operating funds, which was to satisfy sanctions orders resulting from Respondent’s neglect. Furthermore, Respondent attempted to deceive the client, Wachovia, into believing that Respondent’s billings were for services rendered rather than for services and sanctions.”

The consent agreement stated as mitigation that the lawyer had self-reported the misconduct and suffers from depression and in aggravation, that the lawyer had served as a member of a Pennsylvania disciplinary hearing committee.

Bottom line: This lawyer was found to have neglected cases over 2 years, had monetary sanctions imposed upon him and paid the $65,000.00 in sanctions out of his law firm’s operating account without telling his partner or the client and making false statements to the client, and improperly taking an additional $117,000.00 from the firm’s operating account. In other states, including Florida, this lawyer may or would have received a much more severe sanction, including potentially disbarment.

Disclaimer: this e-mail does not contain any legal advice and the comments herein should not be relied upon by anyone who reads it.

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