Am I reading this wrong or does it really sound like a bunch of subjective analysis will be done by the Florida Bar when reviewing each law firm’s advertising? If so, it would seem that the Florida Bar might be less willing to aggressively pursue enforcement against a big law firm which has the time and money to raise constitutional issues as opposed to a small firm that can ill afford protracted litigation with the Bar over advertising interpretations. Can’t we just have some objective black and white rules on advertising? Surely, other state Bars have addressed these issues? Why do I continually hear at national CLEs that Florida continues to have the most restrictive rules on attorney advertising of any state Bar? Practicing law today is hard enough and far less rewarding financially than in years past; do we really need to make it ever more difficult to function in a world that requires that an attorney be media savvy? The days of merely hanging out a shingle and making a living for a single practitioner a long gone.